About CAMS

CAMS is an innovative network of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) professionals – mediators, arbitrators and ADR consultants.  Our professionals, often referred to as neutrals, offer creative substitutes to long and expensive litigation to resolve legal disputes.  CAMS knows that increasingly prohibitive legal costs, coupled with persistent delays in overburdened and understaffed court systems, have given new meaning to the maxim “justice delayed is justice denied.”

CAMS neutrals have decades of experience in the practice of law covering diverse subject areas, including business and commercial transactions, employment discrimination issues, wage and hour disputes, trusts and estates matters, elder care and legal guardianship proceedings, and family and matrimonial matters.

CAMS offers a cost effective and prompt method for avoiding the emotional and financial anguish that often accompanies litigation.  Instead of a court imposed judicial decision, CAMS’ neutrals guide the parties to the dispute towards their own resolution and settlement of their legal dispute, disagreement and litigation.

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CAMS was formed in 2010 by its founders, Michael A. Levy and Patrick Michael (“Mike”) McKenna, who have been collaborators in the field of alternative dispute resolution for more than a decade.  Recognizing an ever-expanding need for experienced ADR neutrals to resolve legal disputes outside of court, the founders created a network of highly qualified mediators and arbitrators to fill a growing need, but on a substantially more cost-efficient basis than much larger ADR services while providing an equal measure of professional excellence.

Messrs. Levy and McKenna, with decades of private practice law firm experience as transactional lawyers and litigators have, together, mediated hundreds of cases involving breach of contract claims, shareholder and partnership disputes, employment discrimination and labor cases, substantial number of claims brought under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and state labor statutes, environmental contamination cases, and civil rights claims asserted under federal and state statutes, among others.

The founders continue to grow the range of legal areas in which CAMS offers ADR services, having recently adding to its panels neutrals with expertise in matrimonial and family law, contested guardianships, trusts and estates issues, and bankruptcy and creditors rights.

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